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West Virginia

We cross into West Virginia on the 16th July for 262 miles of country roads and mountains. All together now, Take me home...

Michael and fiance at the White Horse Tavern, Green Springs.The horseshoes champion. White Horse Tavern, Green Springs.Horseshoes runner-up. White Horse Tavern, Green Springs.Gone fishing. Potomac River.Gone fishing. Potomac River.Drea, our esteemed fishing tutor. Potomac River.Drea and Dave. Fishing. Potomac River.Zippy Shanholtz was the smallest dog I had ever met.Staying with the very generous Shanholtz family, Fort Ashby.
Staying with the very generous Shanholtz family, Fort Ashby.West Virginia parking.On the Road.Heading for the mountains.Nunzio Barbera. Giver of lifts, finder of motels, truster of hikers. Top man.Matt and Eric at the Candlewyck Inn, Keyser. A good night.The rolling hills of the West Virginia farmland near Maysville.Mark and one of his neighbours near Keyser, WV. Mark tagged along with us on his bike for a couple of miles until he got a more interesting offer from his neighbour to go and shoot a coyote.Inside Bill Signors fantastic self-designed house.The view from Bills back windows over his farmland.
Saying farewell to Bill after a great nights stay. We agreed to call it a draw on our various idealogical debates, hence the diplomatic handshake.Stuart and Bill outside Bills house.Washing hanging outside a West Virginia farm.Many West Virginians have a real aversion to throwing anything away. Yards are commonly littered with old trucks and various shapes of old world hardware.We spent an afternoon with Kathleen and her dog Jake in Maysville WV. She was a very amusing guide and kept us company outside Galens Country Store as we waited out a storm.Galen invited us to camp outside his Country Store in Maysville WV.Enjoying a beer and getting some local culture in Maysville WV. I later upgraded to a larger chair.Smiley culture. West Virginia.I won a close-run smiling contest by virtue of teeth count.
The newly formed Maysville Folk Quartet.Miracle Revivals, Dolly Sods, WV and coming to a town near you.Stormy weather and the first chilly temperatures of the trip on top of Dolly Sods where it can snow in any month of the year.Pearce and Karen, campmates at the Davis Shelter near the Canaan Valley.Morning at our camp in the West Virginia woods. Food is hung out of reach of hungry bears.Skunk and Stuart - a brief taster of the wealth roadkill images soon to be available at walkingthestates.com.Blistered and exhausted Bluegrass fan entering Parsons WV after 20 steep mountain miles.Making friends with a huge furry orange moth.Lil Moes Bar, Phillipi, with new friends Todd and Jason.
Lessons in metal. Lil Moes Bar, Phillipi.l-r. Deer, Junior, Deer, Stuart, Turkey.Getting a massage. Looking good, feeling good.For Women. Clarksburg.Clarksburg.More metalling (Dave now fully schooled in the ways) with Lyndsey, Libby and Mark.Stu is shocked by the extent of Lyndseys metalness.Lea, Marc and Stu. Clarksburg.Out on the town in Morgantown.Terry, Stu (after the accident) and Lea near Fairmont.
Skip and the wonderfully named Marveline fantastic hosts near Clarksburg.Tunnels on the North Bends Rail to Trails.Tunnels on the North Bends Rail to Trails.What a hiker does not need to see when he is desperate for a cold drink due to the extreme heat.Walkingthestates hypothesises that there are more vehicles in West Virginia than people.The Happy Trails Cafe run by Gary and Mary Ann Schoeny. A great find.An epic struggle of Man versus Ice Cream.Trevor and Jackie Feight and their family in Petroleum. Very generous hosts, their hospitality was much appreciated.Walkingthestates says always look your best while tending your blisters.In the mirror checking that we look like we havent showered in a while.
Natural Ice is a popular choice of can for throwing out of truck windows. Walkingthestates steps over many.         

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